1. thingsidoonminecraft:

    Random Renders #36

    This is a recent photograph from the Ruins of Creeper Tower.

    This site was once a peaceful area of worship.  Historians state that the Tower became abandoned after the appearance of ‘the one with the white eyes'…

  2. Still working on some stuff.

  3. This 1.8 update makes me able to stand in front of the great nothing.

  4. minecrastinate:

    Minas Tirith from Lord of the Rings! http://ift.tt/1uXcOEP

  5. These reddit people build the most amazing things.


  6. the-daily-minecrafter:

    Many hours of work: Castle Neuschwanstein (1:1) with interior Follow for more Minecraft!

    (via games-are-beautiful)

  7. Made a castle on a island.

  9. Been working on alittle something something.